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Seeing old family photos and videos sparked something inside of me which I now know is the feelings of nostalgia. I could sit for hours looking at these photos and films which captured such beautiful moments in time. This spark lead me to produce more meaningful films and photographs for family events and life’s milestones.

Wedding film making is a wonderful way for me to create that spark of nostalgia for you.

It all matters


Hi, I’m Ben, an Adelaide Hills based videographer specialising in weddings, also capturing a range of events and business in both photo and video.

I’m so privileged to be able to call South Australia home, having some of the most amazing backdrops at my fingertips along with great people, food and coffee.

When I’m not working I spend time with my beautiful girlfriend watching movies, playing board games, cooking and enjoying what South Australia has to offer.

Growing up there has always been a spark for creativity and from a young age I helped express this through photography and videography.

I see firsthand over and over again how much time and effort goes into a wedding day, so creating a simple and streamlined experience for you is very important.

From getting ready to the last move on the dance floor I’m there to capture the moments most important to you. Filming your wedding in a way that is authentic to the day, captures your true personalities and reflects the day how it happens. By using a range of emotive music, your vowels spoken to each other, speeches given by family and friends and amazing shots of the day, a beautiful film is crafted for you to keep forever.

I would love to hear about you and what you have planned. To get in contact please fill out my contact form and let the good times begin.


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- Nyree

Ben was very reasonably priced, he arrived on time/early and made us feel comfortable when we were feeling a bit panicky at a few things going wrong. His filming of the ceremony was unobtrusive and he had the right gear, miced up my husband and I didn't even notice. Followed the photographer around and got some great action shots of us with the bridal party. At the reception he accurately captured the 'feel' of the venue and the decorations, which was important to me. It was a darkish room lit by candles and fairylights and he made it look as magical as it looked with our eyes. We barely realised he was there, which is what you want, right? 

"The completed video was beautiful."

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